Barach’s law

■31, March, 2004
An alchoholic is a person who rdinks more than his own physician.

< バラクの法則 >

Burke’s rule

■27,28, March, 2004
Age is something that doesn’t matter, unless you are a cheese.

< バークの法則 >

First law of money dynamics

■23, March, 2004
Unexpected monetary gains will be always be offset by unexpected expenses in the same amount.

< 金力学の第一法則 >

Cameron’s law

■19, March, 2004
If you don’t do anything, you cant do anything wrong.

< キャメロンの法則 >

Schmidt’s guide to art

■18, March, 2004
Sculpture is what you bump into when you back up to look at painting.

< シュミットの芸術のガイド >

Law of rerun

■16, March, 2004
If you have watched a TV series only once, and you watched again, it will be a rerun of the same episode.

< 再放送の法則 >

Morris’s law

■13,14, March, 2004
Anyone can admit to themselves they were wrong – the true test is admitting to someone else.

誰もが自分たちが悪かったと認めることができる。 – 本当は自分以外の誰かのことだと思っている
< モリスの法則>

Whitton’s law of sexes

■8, March, 2004
Whatever women do, they must do twice as well as men to be half as good. Luckily, this is not difficult.

< ウィットンの性別の法則 >

Porter’s principle

■1, March, 2004
If a job does not go wrong, then
1. It will have to be undone;
2. I will have to be redone, ;
3. It was the wrong job in the first place.

1. その仕事はなかったことにしなければならなくなるか、
2. もう一度やりなおさなければならなくなるか、
3. 最初から悪かったか
< ポーターの原則 >