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Le chatelier’s principle

■30,November, 2004
Complex systems tend to oppose their own proper function.

< ル・シャトリエの原理 >

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Apple’s law of recovery

■29,November, 2004
You can’t recover from a problem you don’t have.

< アップルの回復の法則 >

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The office building elevator principle

■27,28,November, 2004
The first elevator that arrives will be headed in the wrong direction.

< オフィスビルのエレベータの原理 >

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Cannon’s canon

■26,November, 2004
Experience is what cause you to make new mistake instead of old ones.

< キャノン(canon)の規準(canon) >

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Longsam’s ornithological axiom

■25,November, 2004
It’s difficult to soar with eagles when you work with turkeys

< ロングサムの鳥類学の公理 >

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Long’s law

■24,November, 2004
Natural laws have no pitty.

< ロングの法則 >

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R.A.Wilson’s rule

■23,November, 2004
Reality is whatever you can get away with.

< R.A.ウィルソンの規則 >

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Rostand’s comment

■22,November, 2004
Pessiminsm extends to the point of even suspecting the sincerity of other pessimists.

< ロスタンドのコメント >

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Holmes’s homile

■20,21,November, 2004
It is well to remember that the entire universe, with one trifling exception, is composed of others.

< ホームズの説教 >

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Ogden Nash’s law

■19,November, 2004
Progress may have been all right once, but it went on too long.


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Linus’s law

■18,November, 2004
There is no heavier burden than a great potential.

< ライナスの法則 >

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LaCombe’s rule of percentages

■17,November, 2004
The incidence of anything worthwhile is either 15-25 percent or 80-90 percent.

< ラコムのパーセントの規則 >

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Cohen’s law

■16,November, 2004
What really matters is the name that you are able to inpose upon the facts – not the facts themselves.

< コーエンの法則 >

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Dingle’s law of office

■15,November, 2004
When somebody drops something, everybody will kick it around instead of picking it up.

< ディングルの職場の法則 >

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Law checks ans balances

■13,14,November, 2004
In matters dispute, the banks’ balance is alwys smaller than yours.

< 小切手と残高の法則 >

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Peterson’s principle

■12,November, 2004
Traditions are solutions for which we have foegotten the problems.

< ピーターソンの原理 >

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Rusell’s law

■11,November, 2004
Don’t worry about avoiding temptation – as you grow older, it starts avoiding you.

< ラッセルの法則 >

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Rita Mae Brown’s observation

■10,November, 2004
Is this were a logical world, men would ride sidesaddle.

< リタ・メイ・ブラウンの観察 >

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Maugham’s observation

■9,November, 2004
Is is easier to give up good habits than bad ones.

< モーガムの観察>

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Thomas’s disheartening revelation

■6,7,November, 2004
Your childhood sweetheart is as old as you are.

< トマスのげんなりする指摘 >

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The guest rule

■5,November, 2004
Never mistake endurance for hospitality.

< ゲストの規則 >

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Conway’s law

■4,November, 2004
In every office there will always be one person who knows what is going on. This peson must be fired.

< Conwayの法則 >

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O.J’s law

■3 ,November, 2004
It doesn’t matter if you win or lose…until you lose.

< O.J.の法則 >

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The rule of law

■2,November, 2004
Never make a major policy change based on a close vote.

< 法律の規則 >

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Rule of the Great

■1,November, 2004

When somebody you greatly admire and respect appears to be thinking deep thoughts, he or she is probably thinking about lunch.

< 偉人の規則 >

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