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Law of opportunity

■30, September, 2004
The only time the world beats a path to your door is when you are in the bathroom.

< 機会の法則 >

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The spare button principle

■29, September, 2004
Shirts that come with extra buttons never lose buttons.

< 予備ボタンの原理 >

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Grimes’s law

■28, September, 2004
Nostargia is the realization that things weren’t as unbearable as they seemed at the time.

< グリムの法則 >

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The decorative artwork principle

■27, September, 2004
The cost of framing exeeds the cost of tha art.

< 装飾芸術の原理 >

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Billing’s law

■25, 26, September, 2004
Silence is one of the hardest things to refuge.

< ビリングの法則 >

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Christensen’s law

■24, September, 2004
When a wife learns to understand him, she usually stops to listening to him.

< クリステンセンの法則 >

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Andrew Young’s rule

■23, September, 2004
Nothing is illigal if a hundred of businessman decided to do it.

< アンドリュー ヤングの規則 >

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Callaway’s lament

■22, September, 2004
Nothing in the known universe travels faster ths a bad check.

< キャラウェイの嘆き >

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Holten’s homily

■21, September, 2004
The only time to be positive is when you are positive you are wrong.

< ホルテンの訓戒 >

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Sarah’s law

■20, September, 2004
You never begin you summer remance until the last day of the summer

< サラの法則 >

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Ruckert’s law

■18, 19, September, 2004
There is no issue so small that it can’t be blown out of proportion.

< ラッカートの法則 >

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The budgetary reminder

■17, September, 2004

A budget is just a method of worrying before you spend money, as well as afterward.

< 予算に関するメモ >

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Edelstein’s advice

■16, September, 2004
Don’t worry over what other people are tinking about you. They’re too busy worrying over what you re thinking about them.

< エーデルシュタンイの助言 >

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Maughan’s law

■15, September, 2004
Only a mediocre person is always at his best.

< モーガンの法則 >

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Coblitz’s law

■14, September, 2004
A committee can make a decision that is damber than any of its members.

< コブリッツの法則 >

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Sweeney’s law

■13, September, 2004
The rength of progress report is inversely proportional to the amount of progress.

< スウィーニーの法則 >

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Evan’s law

■11, 12, September, 2004
If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs, then you just don’t understand the problem.


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Jone’s law

■10, September, 2004
Tha men who can smile when things go wrong has thought of someone he can brame on.

< ジョーンズの法則 >

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Maah’s law

■9, September, 2004
Things go right now so they can go wrong later.

< マーの法則 >

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The pitfall of genius

■8, September, 2004
No boss will kee an employee who is right all the time.

< 才能の落とし穴 >

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Murphy’s time/action quandary

■7, September, 2004
You never know how soon it is too late.

< マーフィーの時間とアクションの板挟み >

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Vail’s axiom

■6, September, 2004
In any human enterprise, work seeks the lawest hierarchal level.

< ヴェイルの原理 >

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Prince Philip’s rule

■4,5, September, 2004
When a man opens the car door for his wife, it’s either a new car or new wife.

< フィリップ王子の規則 >

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Wolinski’s law

■3, September, 2004
Teamwork is wasting half of one’s time to explaining to others why they are wrong.

< ウォリンスキーの法則 >

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Meyer’s law

■2, September, 2004
It is a simple task to make a subject complex, but a complex task to make it simple.

< マイヤーの法則 >

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Joe’s law

■1, September, 2004
The inside contact that you have developed at great expense is the first person to be let go in any reorganization.

< ジョーの法則 >

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