Capps’s law

■21,22, February, 2004
The closest you can get to your youth is to start repeating your follies.

< カップの法則 >

Hampton’s Homile

■13, February, 2004
The trouble with doing something right the firsttime is that nobody appreciates how difficult it was.

< ハンプトンの教え >

< Second Law of Kitchen Confusion >

■10, February, 2004
The simpler the instruction, (For example, “Press here”), the more difficult it will be open the package.

< 台所の混乱の第二法則 >

Mclaughlin’s Law

■7, 8, February, 2004
In a key position in every genealogy you will find a John Smith from London.

家系図の重要なポイントには必ず 「ロンドンのジョン スミス」と書かれてある
< マクラフリンの法則 >

< Edward's Law >

■ 5, February, 2004
Never judge a man by the opinion his wife has of him.

< エドワードの法則 >

Law of Living

■3 , February, 2004
As soon as you’e doing what you wanted to be doing, you want to be doing something else.

< 生活の法則 >