Sintetos’s Law of Consumerism

A sixty-day warranty guarantees that the product will self-destruct on the sixty-first day.





Products by SONY will break the next day of warranty expiration.

nNEZOU’S Addendum (aka Sony Timer)


んねぞうの補足 (「ソニータイマー」としても知られる)


Moser’s Law of Spectator Sports

Exciting plays occur only while you are watching the scoreboard or out buying a hot dog.


The play won’t happen when intentionally watch the scoreboard.

<nNEZOU’s corollary>






Wolter’s Law

If  you have the time, you won’t have the money. If you have the money, you won’t have the time.

nNEZOU’s rebuttal against Wolter’s Law

If  I have the time, I won’t have the money. Even if I you have the time, I won’t have the money.






Dude's Law Duality

Of two possible events, only the undesired one will occur.



Both of them are undesired, the one which leads to severe result will occur.


Nnezou’s corollary

Ryan’s Application to Parkinson’s Law

Possessions increase to fill the space available for their storage.

< ライアンのパーキンソンの法則の応用>

Nnezou’s Objection against Ryan’s Application to Parkinson’s Law

It won’t stop to increase even storage is exhausted.

< ライアンのパーキンソンの法則の応用に対するんねぞうの異議>

Westheimer’s rule

# To estimate the time to do a task: Estimate the time you think it should take , multiply by two , and change the unit of measure to the next-highest unt . Thus we allocate two days for a one-hour task.
# < Westheimer's rule >

# To obtain true estimate : Reduce the unit of measure to the next-lowest value you receive , devide by two . Thus you can get the true estimate.
# < Nnez's corollary >

# ある仕事をするのに必要な時間を見積もる場合 : 2倍せよ、そして単位を次に大きいものに変えよ。1時間の仕事が二日になる。
# < ウェストハイマーの規則 >

# 本当の見積もりを得る場合 : 受け取った数字の単位を次に小さい物に変えよ、そして2分の1せよ。そうすれば正しい見積もりが出てくる。
# < んねずの推論 >

Karen’s observatio for administrative assistants

# The ability to operate a copier or fax machine varies inversely the rank of the person in the company.
# < Karen's observatio for administrative assistants >
# It’s not true that he is upper lank because of poor ability to operate them.
# < Nnez's addendum >

# コピー機やファクシミリの操作は会社の中で偉くなるほど下手になる。
# < カレンの管理職のアシスタントの観察 >
# コピー機やファクシミリの操作が下手だからと言って地位が上だとは限らない
# < んねずの補足 >

The universal law of telephone directories

# The first category you turn to the yellow pages does not contain the listing you need .
# < The universal law of telephone directories >
# The first part you turn to the dictionary does not contain the word you need and you’ll forget what you are looking for.

# 最初に開いたイエローページの分類には必要なリストは載っていない。
# < 電話番号簿の普遍的法則 >

# 最初に開いた辞書のページには探している言葉は載っておらず、何を探していたのか忘れる。
# < んねずの拡張>

Dedera’s law

# In a three-story building served by one elevator , nimne times out of ten the elevator car will be on a floor where you are not.
# < Dedera's law>
# Whenever you want to go down to basement , always the elevator car which is not available to basement comes.
# < Nnez's extension >

# 一つのエレベータしかない三階建てのビルでは、そのエレベータは10回のうち9回は別のフロアにいる。
# < デデラの法則>

# 複写室に行きたいときは絶対に地下まで行くエレベータは来ない。
# < んねずの拡張>