Law of the Lost Inch

■ 16, January, 2004
In designing any type of construction, no overall dimention can be totaled correctly after 4:40 p.m. on Friday.

< 寸法の法則 >

Murphy’s fourth law of the kitchen

When the meal you are preparing is on schedule, the guests will be fourty – five minutes late.


When the guests are on time, the meal will be forty – five minutes late.

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Herstein’s law

Th attention paid for instructor is a constant regardless the size of the class. Thus, as the class swells, the amount of attention paid per student drops in direct ratio,

< ハーシュタインの法則>

Heisenbelg’s uncertainty principle

# The location of all objects cannot be known simultaneously.
# < Heisenbelg's uncertainty principle >
# If a lost thing is found, something will disappear.
# < Corollary >

# 同時に複数の物体の位置を知ることはできない。
# < ハイゼンベルクの不確定性原理 >
# 失せ物が一つ見つかったら、別のものがなくなる。
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