Cochrane's Medical Aphorism

Before ordering a test, decide what you will do if it is 1) positive, or 2) negative. If both answers are the same, don’t do the test.

検査の指示を出す前に、結果が1) 陽性の場合、2) 陰性の場合それぞれ何をするかを決めよ。もし答えが同じならその検査をする必要はない



Cochrane’s Aphorism

Before ordering a test decide what you will do it is 1) positive., or 2)negative.  If both answers are the same, don’t do the test.


検査の指示をする前に、1) 陽性の場合、2)陰性の場合それぞれ何をするかを決めよ、同じ場合、検査の必要はない



Law of Revision

Information necessitating a change of design will be conveyed to the designer after – and only after – the plan was complete (Often called the Now They Tell Us! Law)

< 改訂の法則>

Kinney’s rule

■5, April, 2004
To spot the doctor, pick the one who stil has his appendix and tonsils.

< キニーの規則>

Barach’s law

■31, March, 2004
An alchoholic is a person who rdinks more than his own physician.

< バラクの法則 >

Matz’s warning

# Beware of physician who is great at getting out of tyrouble.
# < Matz's warning >

# 面倒なことから逃れるのがうまい内科医には気をつけろ
# < マッツの警告 >

Sixth principle for patients

# If your condition seems to be getting better, it’s probably your doctor getting sick.
# < Sixth principle for patients >

# もしあなたの具合が良くなってきたなら、多分主治医が病気になっている。
# < 患者の第六原理 >